Wardend Fishery - Scottish flyfishing at its best!


Wardend Fishery's facilities help to make your fishing day a truly remarkable day! Even though the Main Loch is our main attraction the place in itself is already worth visiting.

The Main Loch is our main attraction. We stock the 5 acre loch with well-sized trout to assure you an outstanding fishing experience. You'll be catching rainbow trout or with a bit of luck brown, blue or even tiger trout. Around the Main Loch you'll find plenty of picnic tables and benches.

The Conditioning Pond is a crucial part of our promise to you. We intend to make your fishing day a day to remember - thanks to our hardfighting fish. The Conditioning Pond is the place where our trout switch from being fed to feed by themselves, what makes them as hardfighting fish as you like them!

In the smaller Stock Ponds we carefully feed our smallest trout. Once they have reached the right size we move them to the Conditioning Pond.

The Fishing Hut is often referred as the place where the fishing day at Wardend Fishery starts, pauses and ends. It is equipped with all you need for a short break during the fishing day: chairs and tables, fridge, coffee and tea, microwave and a restroom.

The Shelter at the lower end of the Main Loch gives you protection in case of an unexpected rain shower or harsh winds. Some of the anglers also use it to eat a sandwich while being protected from the weather.

The Boathouse at the Wardend Fishery is soon available for short breaks (2 to 6 nights) or a nice holiday (1 week or more). The flat is fully furnished and offers all the amenities you can expect of a quiet self-catering accommodation, making it an ideal place to stay for a well-deserved break. It sleeps up to 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 children. Please check our accommodation offer for more information about the Boathouse

Need accommodation or want to stay with your caravan or campervan at the Fishery? There we are! Please check our accommodation offer or get in touch with us for further information (info@wardendfishery.co.uk).

New facilities and offers to arrive soon!